Authenticity Policy

Verified Buyer badge

A Verified Buyer badge is added if the reviewer is a buyer of the shop. We verify this with the list of orders from the ecommerce platform. The badge may be translated and cannot be added by the merchants themselves.

Asking for a review

Merchants send email review request to buyers based on settings and conditions. Automatic reminders or Web Push Notifications can be enabled. Merchants may also ask previous customers for a review, don't send automatic review request at all, or ask/remind individual users. The merchant can reply privately or publicly to any review.

Giving a review

Buyers can leave a review inside the email review form or via the review widget. Product reviews are submitted via the Review Widget while shop reviews are submitted via the All Reviews Page. Visitors may leave reviews without (trackable) buying history ("web reviews"). These can be disabled but will never receive a "Verified Buyer" badge if the reviewer’s email is not part of the customer list of the shop. Reviews provided by the same email will have the same display name.

Grouping reviews

Judge.me allows sharing reviews among products in the same store ("Product Group") as well as synchronizing reviews for products across various shops ("Shop Group") based on the products' SKUs.

Showing review outside your store

Reviews may be shown outside the store by enabling the following features:

  • Google Shopping: Automatic Product Reviews XML feed, using SKU, MPN and GTIN as product IDs.
  • Social Push (Facebook Business page): Post review content on your Facebook Business page.
  • Integrations: Enable app integrations to allow Judge.me to share your reviews with other apps/plugins you have installed.

Edit policy

Reviews can be edited to resolve typos, styling/formatting issues or minor review information. However, star ratings cannot be edited to maintain the integrity of reviews on Judge.me. After an edit, a notification email is sent to the reviewer informing them of any change. The reviewer may disapprove any edit with a click in the notification email. The Judge.me team is notified about all review edits and reviewer disapprovals.

No authenticity restrictions on the free plan

"Verified Buyer" badges, review requests (email, web push) and the reply function are also part of the free plan.

Review curation

New reviews will automatically be published (default settings). Merchants can enable review curation in order to manually publish reviews.

Import of legacy reviews

Judge.me allows review import from other apps or via CSV import. The "Verified Buyer" badge can only be awarded after consulting Judge.me. Besides the product identifier, the import may contain title, body, rating, review_date, reviewer_name, reviewer_email, and ip_address.